Every May Best PARTY
in Maspalomas PRIDE (Canary Islands).

SITGES (BarcelonaA)

The Awesome PRIDE party
near mediterranean sea.


The old music remake hits,
you will never forget.

Logo Sitges pride

The sea front promenade will be transformed daily until late every night, kicking off with the PRIDE T DANCE early every evening with Mr.Chi. So as you make your way off the beach, chill out with a cocktail or come visit the Village after dinner for some great shows. We have some amazing special acts lined up to entertain you on a nightly basis. The stage will come alive with performances from International artists and local celebrities! The Promenade will also host tributes to some of the biggest names in pop together with amazing Mr.Chi sessions and one hell of a party atmosphere!

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Logo SixPackZone

Six Pack Zone, consists of 6 premises of Yumbo coming together to offer something different in the Gay Pride Maspalomas. With his own residents dj´s Fernando Cardona "Mr.Chi" and Jonay Bj during 10 days all this years we inpulse a new way to Party in Island!!!
You will never Forget i!!!!

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Logo Abraxas

Abraxas Revival Party is a massive remake hits music, where everyone can find songs, style to be confortable and have a really good times meeting friends and discovering new owns.

Mr.Chi Abraxas 3 Mr.Chi Abraxas 4 Mr.Chi Abraxas 5 Mr.Chi Abraxas 6 Mr.Chi Abraxas 8 Mr.Chi Abraxas 17 Mr.Chi Abraxas 1